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enhancing the workplace experience

A well-designed workplace helps organizations attract and retain top talent, enhance collaboration and productivity, promote brand and culture, and support employee health and wellbeing. NBS has worked with many companies of various sizes in corporate markets, helping them overcome their challenges by creating a compelling workplace that draws their people in. By integrating architectural products, furniture, technology, floorcoverings and accessories, we’re able to make the office a more engaging and inspiring place for employees and visitors.

We can work with a range of budgets to create impactful spaces for our corporate clients, including:


We have many years of experience working closely with automotive suppliers, dealers and manufacturers, taking the time to understand their unique objectives and tailor our services to complement their needs. Our team can transform the look and feel of their work environment by providing spaces ranging from private offices and workstations for their employees, to exceptional dealership showrooms that will leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Middle Market

We understand the significance middle market organizations place on personality, culture, energy and diversity, and recognize that their workplace needs to be designed in a way that reflects these core values. By discovering the specific goals and needs of our clients, we can deliver innovative spaces that inspire them to do their best work, while maintaining their special team bond.


We know how important it is to provide a welcoming environment that aligns with the mission, purpose and values of our non-profit clients. After understanding their challenges and requirements, we provide the resources they need to plan, organize, facilitate and procure all aspects of the project. With a variety of non-profit programs to purchase furniture through, we can also keep these projects within budget by offering further discounting.


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Hybrid Work Guide

The next era of work is here and in our latest guide, we share thought-starters, design ideas and leadership strategies to help organizations create a hybrid approach that is best for them and transforms their workplace experience for better work to take place.

Seeing is Believing

As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.

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