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Higher Education

collaborative learning environments for student success

Students today are hands-on, active learners, who are empowered by technology and thrive in an interactive environment. NBS offers specialized products and solutions for higher education spaces, designed to encourage collaboration, growth and success. Comfortable, ergonomic furniture offers numerous advantages – it empowers students to effortlessly adapt the space to accommodate both individual and group work, while enhancing their ability to remain focused over longer periods of time.

Our dedicated NBS education team can provide a range of solutions, including flexible furniture, mobile whiteboards, acoustical products, modular and operable walls, digital signage, interactive technology tools and inspiring accessories to enhance the learning and teaching experience. 

We can create a range of spaces for higher education, including:

  • auditoriums
  • cafeterias
  • classrooms
  • collaborative learning areas
  • faculty & administration offices
  • in-between spaces
  • laboratories
  • lecture halls
  • libraries
  • outdoor spaces
  • student unions
  • study rooms


The Launchpad

Want to experience fully immersive educational settings and cutting-edge products, that will spark creativity and activate ideas for higher education? Visit our new education Experience Center, the Launchpad, to see firsthand how NBS can help you transform your learning environment.


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Seeing is Believing

As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.

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