Furniture has a major impact on employee productivity, comfort and wellbeing. At NBS, we are experts in space planning and tailoring furniture selection for each client, regardless of size, aesthetic and budget of project. Our trusted vendor partners offer a range of quality products, from task chairs and lounge seating, to desk systems and tables, to storage solutions and accessories, allowing us to furnish your entire workplace.

We are passionate about creating spaces that support the people within it and accommodate all work styles, from individual focus work to team collaboration. To learn more about the types of spaces we create and the ergonomics you need, explore the buttons below.

NBS Furniture for Personal Spaces
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NBS Furniture for Shared Spaces
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NBS Furniture for Ergonomics and Wellbeing
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As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.

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