Move Management

The logistics of moving furniture, equipment and people requires skillful planning and coordination, but our approach simplifies the process for our clients. We can make your relocation a breeze by assigning a project manager, a single point of contact, who will coordinate the entire move for you. 

Once your belongings are to their destination, we don’t stop there. We make sure your employees’ transition into their new workplace is as smooth as possible, thanks to our customized move-in day procedures. We offer tools such as temporary wayfinding signage and maps, as well as handouts so employees quickly grasp the features and benefits of their new furniture. 

Rose Moving & Storage, our partner in this service, operates a 200,000 square-foot, secure, climate-controlled facility for the safe storage of your unused furniture and equipment. In addition to storage, they also offer warehousing, installation and relocation services, as well as cleaning and restoration services so that your furniture can be returned in renewed shape. Working with Rose, we’ll organize your office assets, ensure they’re stored and maintained in top condition and return them to you safely when the need arises.