Our Integrated Approach

Our passion and belief in the workplace integration of architecture, furniture and technology has shaped the way our company is structured. We have in-house divisions comprised of experienced individuals to execute our clients’ needs for construction, floorcovering, furniture, audiovisual technology, and commercial cleaning. We believe that by bringing these components together from the start in a cohesive strategy, we can deliver better space experiences for people, businesses and culture to thrive.

Architectural solutions are the foundation for successfully integrating furniture and technology. Our team can provide, deliver and install systems such as modular power, raised floors and modular walls to create flexible environments that can easily be adapted as an organization evolves. We’re also experts in planning and providing pre-construction, carpentry, painting, branding, and building services, taking care of the entire process, from design to execution. To complete the architectural shell, we specify, layout and install floorcovering solutions ranging from carpet to hard surface options.

As a partner of hundreds of manufacturers, we offer a range of furniture solutions for commercial spaces, for both individual and shared areas. Our expertise lies in not just providing furniture, but also assisting with the selection, design and installation process. Our designers utilize their knowledge of design principles, materials and color to create a more productive, engaging and comfortable space that promotes brand, culture and wellbeing.
NBS Our Integrated Architecture, Furniture and Technology Approach
NBS Our Integrated Architecture, Furniture and Technology Approach

Technology is essential for every work environment that is looking to foster collaboration and communication. Whether it’s presenting, messaging, wayfinding or video conferencing, our Audiovisual Solutions team has the expertise and tools needed to deliver the best products and user experience. We select, design and install the most appropriate technology solutions to best fit each space and needs.


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Discover our integrated approach in action by exploring our projects that seamlessly blend architectural systems, furnishings and technology.

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As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.

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