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NBS NeoCon 2024

Top Trends at NeoCon 2024

NeoCon, the most popular event of the year for the commercial interior design industry, showcases the latest and greatest from hundreds of leading furniture, textile and floorcovering manufacturers. Our team was thrilled to attend NeoCon again this year, and had a wonderful time as we explored a range of inspiring and innovative workplace solutions and trends.

As we strolled through the beautiful showrooms, we noticed quite a few consistent themes. Here’s what was trending this year!

Sustainable and Biophilic Design

Sustainability took center stage, with many manufacturers showcasing eco-friendly materials and practices. Biophilic design was a huge focus, bringing the outdoors in with natural materials, lush greenery and designs that mimic natural patterns and processes.

Steelcase stole the sustainability spotlight at NeoCon, as they unveiled an impressive zero carbon reduction plan. This organization is working toward reducing its carbon emissions by a mind-blowing 90% throughout its entire value chain by 2050. With a focus on products, operations and transportation, they aren’t messing around when it comes to positively impacting the planet!

It was great to see so many products walk the talk on sustainability, demonstrating innovative ways to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing style or function.

NBS Reocon ChopValue


Such a great sustainability story behind the Steelcase Bassline collaboration with ChopValue!

NBS Neocon Mizetto Arkad Recycling

Mizetto Arkad

Perfect blend of sustainability and style with the Mizetto Arkad recycling and living wall!

NBS Neocon Patcraft ReMaterial

Patcraft ReMaterial

Patcraft ReMaterial, winner of the Silver Award in the Healthcare Flooring category, is PVC-free and fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Height Adjustability and Flexibility

The shift toward hybrid work models has driven the demand for flexible and adaptable office spaces. We’re talking about furniture and architectural systems that support your every move – whether you’re sitting, standing or kicking back. We all know and love height adjustable desks, but this trend goes beyond that. Other tables like conference, personal and coffee tables, are stepping up their game with the ability to adjust their surfaces based on the user’s desired height.

NBS Neocon Nienkamper Vox Community Table

Nienkamper Vox Community

This height adjustable desking system won the Gold Award for the Collections for Collaboration category, and the Business Impact Award at NeoCon.

OFS Ally

Height adjustable occasional tables are so in, and OFS Ally is a prime example!

Speaking of flexibility, multipurpose work areas were also trending at NeoCon this year. One standout example? Campers & Dens by Orangebox! Designed to intuitively define your workspace, it delivers layers of privacy through campers, cabins and awnings. Thanks to its wide range of configurations, it promotes flexibility and choice, and supports several work modes, from casual conversation and collaboration to heads down work.

NBS Neocon Orangebox Campers Dens

Promotion of Wellbeing

Improved employee wellbeing equals increased success…and we mean that in more ways than one! Many designs at NeoCon focused on supporting the needs of individuals – physically, mentally and emotionally. Through technology solutions that bring teams together, acoustical products that turn chaos into calm, and colors and lighting that set a cozy vibe, the workplace can be transformed into a haven where people can thrive and feel their best.   

NBS Neocon Zintra Mesh Baffles

Zintra Mesh Baffles

Zintra Mesh Baffles are the perfect balance of acoustics and aesthetics…it’s no surprise why they won the Gold Award for Acoustic Solutions!

NBS Neocon Coalesse Ensemble

Coalesse Ensemble

This modular lounge system, winner of an Innovation Award at NeoCon, can incorporate planters, screens for privacy and a performance back that supports posture change with a simple pull of the seat strap.

One thing about NBS is that we love keeping up with tech. The Steelcase Ocular View truly wowed us, demonstrating how technology can improve wellbeing. As the recipient of the Silver Award in the Technology/Integrated Solutions category at NeoCon, Ocular View enhances the human connection by integrating Steelcase hybrid collaboration insights and design, with Logitech’s video collaboration technology. In addition to enhancing personal wellbeing, the pod for 1-2 people improves social connection and privacy – all of which are top priorities for employees, according to recent global Steelcase research.

NeoCon was once again filled with energy, excitement and inspiration, as our industry continues to shape the future of commercial environments. These trends reflect a broader movement toward creating more sustainable, flexible and wellness-oriented environments, and we look forward to continuing to incorporate them when creating spaces for our clients.

Excited about these trends and want to learn more about how we can work together to implement these innovative solutions and themes into your own workplace? We’d love to chat – contact us today!