Architectural Systems

Quick Change Artists: Modular Architectural Systems

Change in business can happen fast, so creating flexible workspaces that adapt easily is becoming a modern office mandate. That’s why modular systems make sense. They’re the flexible alternative to fixed walls and other architectural features. Systems such as demountable walls or raised floors provide quick access to wiring and cabling, and facilitate changes easily. They provide tremendous versatility in reconfiguring workspaces without the costs or time associated with traditional construction. Today’s modular components for power, cabling, walls and lighting have found a new sweet spot between form, function and flexibility.

Reuse, Refresh and Recycle

Flexibility and access aren’t the only advantages. Modular systems are 100% reusable so nothing winds up in a landfill. Updating a workspace to meet changing needs saves a lot of time, too. Compared to traditional methods, some modular systems can save up to 30% for the initial build out, and are 50% faster to reconfigure. For endless layout possibilities, modular systems allow you to create exactly the floor plan you need. NBS is pleased to offer a range of attractive, flexible, sustainable solutions that support organizations on the move including modular wall solutions, modular power and raised flooring.