November 21, 2022

Relocation Made Easy with Rose Moving & Storage

Many of us have experienced the stresses of moving, transporting our belongings, or simply running out of storage space. Thanks to NBS’s strategic partnership with Rose Moving & Storage, these troubles can be put to rest. Whether you’re looking to store or move your furniture during a renovation or relocation of your space, we can coordinate every step of the process so you don’t need to.

Rose provides a range of services including relocations and moves, furniture installation, warehousing and asset management throughout Michigan. With their 250,000 square feet of secure, climate-controlled warehousing space and wide range of capabilities, NBS can take on even bigger projects and provide the best possible experience for our clients.

“Because both Rose and NBS are committed to our partnership, we are stronger as a team,” said Tami Epperson, Senior Account Representative at Rose Moving & Storage. “With our combined efforts, we have a competitive advantage because our two teams align our processes through technology tools and software, like Procore, to guarantee that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.”

The logistics of moving furniture, equipment and people requires skillful planning and coordination, which can be intimidating for many. Scheduling challenges, potential workflow disruptions and budget concerns are just a few worries that people typically have during the relocation or renovation process. So, what do we do differently to avoid these challenges? Our unique approach simplifies the process for our clients by assigning a project manager, a single point of contact, who will coordinate the entire move by organizing tasks and connecting with suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders. We also leverage our design team to create detailed drawings as a roadmap, ensuring that our Rose crews know exactly where furniture is supposed to go. Simply put, client satisfaction is always top of mind for our NBS and Rose teams.

“Working with NBS has always been an absolute pleasure,” stated Michael Forde, Sales Account Representative at Rose Moving & Storage. “The value this partnership brings is one of a kind. One of many things that differentiates NBS from others is their exceptional Order Fulfillment Process (OFP). Through detailed processes like this, we can meet all our clients’ needs.”

Once the moving process is completed, we don’t stop there. We provide customized move-in day procedures to help ease the transition for employees into their new environment. We offer tools such as temporary wayfinding signage, maps, handouts, and even in-person demonstrations so employees can quickly understand the features and benefits of their new workplace solutions.

“Our longstanding partnership with Rose Moving & Storage has afforded our collective clients a broader depth of resources to better service their needs,” explained Heather Lanier, Chief Operating Officer at NBS Commercial Interiors. “Together, using our defined processes, we enhance the experience we bring our clients, whether we’re providing warehousing, relocation or installation services.”

Planning a move? Contact us today to learn more about our strategic partnership and how we can help simplify the process of your workplace relocation!