Oncology | Treatment Rooms

Feeling Better About Treatment Rooms

Helping patients and their families relax and reduce the stress that accompanies serious illness is an essential part of the caregiver’s strategy. Furnishings and equipment that provide physical and emotional comfort are part of that. Rooms designed to offer space for personal items, a soft place to recline, or that accommodate friends and family can put patients and caregivers more in touch. Just as important are furnishings that support the caregiver’s job with convenient access to what they need, where they need it so they can be more present for their patients. A well-designed space can help ease the challenges faced by those in treatment and those providing it.


 The cancer experience is different for everyone. Cancer care spaces should anticipate varying needs for privacy, companionship, education and treatment.

 Because of their emotional bonds, care partners are integral to patient healing. It’s important to find ways to help them relax, be connected to technology, and comfortably engaged in the healing experience.

 Cancer treatment is a difficult process, so being attentive to details such as accessibility to power outlets, personal storage, medical supplies and waste receptacles is important.