Demountable Walls

Wall Power: Innovative Structures Move When You Need Them To

Today’s wall systems are agile enough to expand or shrink easily with changes in work staff, work styles, or to support an organization’s evolving culture.

These are smart walls with integrated power and cabling. Move a wall and the electrical outlets and communication ports go with it. Acoustical qualities support the need for privacy. The systems feel solid and create a sense of permanence while still providing the ultimate design flexibility. With the wide range of materials and finishes available there are no limits. Architects and designers can create an environment without compromise.

V.I.A. Wall System

Vertical Intelligent Architecture is a versatile platform from Steelcase engineered to provide true privacy with acoustical seals on all frames, skins and at every junction. The components are based on their proprietary design system, EnvisionIt®, to provide layout flexibility and fast set-up. The system also simplifies the entire process, from design through installation.

Privacy Wall and Glass Selections

Another dynamic modular system from Steelcase is Privacy Wall. Door and wall components are available in a range of styles and materials. Power and technology access is fully integrated. Panels are pre-assembled to make installation easier and faster than with walls constructed using traditional materials and methods.

Lite Scale Glazing Wall System

Lite Scale Glazing by Steelcase complements Privacy Wall, V.I.A. and Glass Selections as well as traditional construction. Lite Scale Glazing is a cost effecting butt-glazing solution that can compress construction schedules, prevent cost overruns, and guarantee a seamlessly integrated application. The low-profile trim creates a beautiful, timeless and recessive design.

NxtWall Wall System

The Flex and View Series from NxtWall offer exceptional value in both solid wall panel and glass systems that integrate with any design. Ideal for both new construction and renovation projects, NxtWall’s field-fit approach reduces costs, saves time, and offers the ability to reconfigure any workspace as needs expand or change.

NBS Portafab


PortaFab is a modular pre-engineered system to create in plant-offices, mezzanines and environmental enclosures. With an expansive product line, PortaFab can fit with any budget, timeline and design, to efficiently expand operations. These versatile structures create new areas for manufacturing, storage and offices. Modular offices can be moved and reinstalled at new locations.