Freestanding Booths & Pods

Looking for a private, quiet and comfortable space to take a phone call, jump on a virtual meeting, or meet with a small group? Freestanding pods and phone booths are the answer. Pods are a popular solution for combatting a space’s consistent problems with noise, distraction and lack of privacy. Sleek and flexible, pods and booths can conveniently fit into any size space, making it a possibility for a range of organizations and floor plans.

We take pride in only offering pods that are compliant with the current building code. Both Orangebox and SnapCab are UL listed.

Explore the types of freestanding pods we offer below!

On the QT phone booths by Orangebox offers the perfect balance of efficient use of space, workable comfort and privacy. With its advanced ventilation, a unique “kink” shape to allow sound to bounce away and seated or standing options, On the QT can make a big impact in a small office footprint.

Orangebox offers a variety of freestanding meeting rooms and phone booths with a high level of insulation and speech privacy. Their Air3 product range features an opening roof system designed for fire safety in sprinklered commercial environments. Interchangeable panels and demountable construction provide future flexibility. 

SnapCab pods are quiet, simple to install, can be personalized and are easy to relocate. They come in three sizes to support independent concentration or collaboration. SnapCab pods are built on casters making them highly mobile whenever reconfigurations are needed.