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Modular Power & Raised Flooring

Raised flooring with integrated modular power gives organizations the flexibility to provide power, data, voice and other system access anywhere it’s needed. From reconfiguring workstations, to adding or relocating meeting spaces, raised flooring and modular power make the transition easy. 


Modular power provides wall-to-wall cable management and access for ultimate design and floor plan convenience. Modular power is designed to easily move, adapt and grow or contract.


  • Cost is lower than installing new building power supplies
  • Components are easy to install, take apart and reconfigure for new layouts
  • Creates a seamless, quick connection from electrical panel to the user
  • Meets code requirements for raised flooring or suspended ceilings that supply conditioned air


Raised flooring, or low-profile access flooring, is one way to achieve a streamlined, unobtrusive cable management system, and eliminate cords and clutter with an integrated raceway.


  • Saves time and money
  • Provides faster, easier cable access
  • Quick installation that doesn’t require fasteners or adhesives
  • Floor panels can be changed or removed easily
  • Electrical, voice and data cables can be routed at any time
  • Panels feel solid underfoot and can be covered with your choice of floorcovering

Connectrac Flex Raceway System by Legrand is a modular floor-based power and data distribution system, perfect for areas like workstations, training rooms, and huddle rooms. This customizable solution can either be installed under the carpet or on top of any flooring surface.

Popular systems, like Steelcase Thread, can easily be installed underneath flooring with its ultra-thin design, and seamlessly integrates into a space to provide power, without impacting foot traffic. 

Steelcase’s Underscore low-profile access floor creates a unique pathway for routing wires and cable to wherever they are needed.