Operable Walls

Walls Do Double Duty

What if you had the freedom to create the right sized work environment for the work at hand? Incorporating operable walls in a space provides individuals with the ease and speed to arrange a room to best fit their needs. In addition to flexibility in a space, they provide noise management as well. A wide range of versatile options include operable partitions, moveable glass walls, curtain walls, garage doors and accordion doors. These space dividers can be moved or opened at a moment’s notice. Operable walls work well in any work environment. Expand two small conference rooms into one large meeting  or event space, create multiple breakout areas in schools, the functionalities are endless.

Oversized rooms often stand vacant and unusable due to their size and static functionality. Having the ability to adjust the size of a space optimizes real estate for an organization. Operable walls provide a cost savings solution to having to construct multiples rooms out of drywall. They can even be customized with graphics, finishes, writable surfaces and more.