April 18, 2023

Top 5 Ways to Draw People to the Workplace

Organizations today are focusing on how to attract and retain top talent, keep their people happy, and inspire them to work from the office instead of at home. One way to achieve this is by creating an engaging, comfortable and modern workplace that gets people excited about coming to their work environment. Let’s face it, a workplace with little to no people in it is not one people want to come to. The design, functionality and overall vibe of your workplace not only affects how current employees will work and meet in the space, but it also has an impact on how potential employees, clients and visitors view your company.

A well-designed office environment boosts productivity, while promoting a positive company culture and enhancing the experience, health and wellbeing of employees. So, what should organizations consider when it comes to re-creating their workplace to draw people in?


1. Offer a Balance of Spaces for Privacy and Collaboration

Offering both private and collaborative spaces in the office is key for accommodating various types of work styles, personalities and needs. Providing a mixture of open and enclosed spaces that support different types of tasks and meetings, as well as different levels of privacy and acoustics, is crucial.

Private spaces allow people to focus on heads-down work, take a phone call, or hop on a virtual meeting without being disturbed, and without disturbing others. On the other hand, collaborative spaces promote connectivity, teamwork and innovation, which leads to better problem-solving, decision-making and, ultimately, business outcomes.

2. Provide Advanced, Yet Easy-to-Use Technology Tools

The workplace should offer technology tools that allow in-person and remote employees to stay connected to their team and to their work in the most seamless way possible. This includes interactive displays and whiteboards, high-quality cameras, lighting, speakers and microphones, screen sharing capabilities, dual monitors, digital signage and room reservation systems. Sound masking is also a great tool for limiting distracting noises in the workplace and allowing employees to stay focused. While these tools need to have a range of features, they also need to be simple to use so that people want to utilize them, without becoming frustrated.

NBS Draw people to the office collage of workspaces

3. Promote Access to People and Leadership

Now more than ever, leaders need to be accessible to their team, both physically and virtually. Creating leadership workspaces that are out in the open plan, as opposed to being closed off in a private office, can improve accessibility. These spaces can still have a sense of privacy for concentration and confidentiality but need to be equally inviting and welcoming. If people feel intimidated, they will be less likely to come to leaders with ideas, concerns and questions, which can hurt the business and company culture.

In addition to having access to leaders, people also want to feel like they have a “home base” and sense of belonging in the workplace. Creating neighborhoods where teams can sit near each other allows them to not only feel more comfortable, but also encourages them to get to know each other better or bounce ideas off one another.

4. Support Employee Health & Wellbeing

When people feel their best, they work their best. There are many benefits of having access to natural light, greenery, and outdoor patios and workspaces, including increased inspiration, productivity and creativity. Ergonomic furniture, such as task seating and height adjustable desks, allow people to feel comfortable and energized, positively contributing to their health and wellbeing. Organizations should also offer rejuvenation and socialization spaces, where people can take meaningful breaks throughout the day, meditate or catch up with teammates.

5. Create a Sought-After Destination

To keep employees engaged, your workplace needs to be a welcoming, non-sterile environment, infused with personality to reflect brand and culture. It needs to be an environment that offers a special energy and buzz that people simply cannot experience at home. Adding amenities, such as free snacks, coffee and social games, brings people together and helps make them feel valued. To truly be a destination, the workplace needs to create a unique and enjoyable experience, by combining the right architectural products, furniture, technology, design and people.

NBS can help create a work environment that people will love and want to come to. Contact us to learn more or schedule a visit to one of our NBS locations to experience what a destination workplace looks and feels like!