Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting collects soil, bacteria, pollens, chemicals and other contaminants, making it one of the most difficult types of flooring to clean. The average lifespan of commercial carpeting is seven to eight years, but often begins to look old and worn after just a few years. However, with the help of our Cleaning Specialists and a proper cleaning regimen, the lifetime of carpeting can often be doubled.

Regular carpet cleaning is important for:

  • removing dirt, grime, allergens, etc.
  • deodorizing and sanitizing materials
  • limiting the spread of dust and dirt
  • protecting the investment of floorcoverings
  • improving occupant health

Every building has unique traffic patterns and cleaning requirements, and we understand that the same cleaning process does not work for every carpet or every situation. Our team takes an analytical and consultative approach to measure use and traffic flow, as well as ranking areas that are most visible to visitors. As a result, we can deliver a customized program that works best for your organization.