Decontamination Services

We all know germs are everywhere – on desks, keyboards, chairs, countertops, and even in the air. With routine decontamination services, these germs can be diminished, making your space a healthier and safer place for everyone within it.

Our decontamination services include:


Our fogging process uses a National Sanitation Foundation certified product from BioGreen Solutions that helps protect against common workplace pathogens including bacteria, viruses and mold that are both airborne and on surfaces. This environmentally-safe process creates a fine mist to treat objects, walls, floors and ceilings in a matter of minutes. 

Antimicrobial Covershield Treatments

Covershield is a colorless, odorless microorganism growth inhibitor that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to provide lasting protection from bacteria, fungi and some viruses.


Puradigm is a self-contained unit that uses a unique two-stage technology to clean air and surfaces, killing dangerous pathogens without harming people, plants or animals. Air coming in goes through an advanced multi-stage HEPA filtration system to remove particulates, molds, viruses and bacteria. Air going out passes through a patented, high-energy system that produces charged ions of oxygen and nitrogen.