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Modular Walls

We offer many modular wall options that can be customized to perfectly fit your space, brand, budget and needs. These wall systems are stylish, highly flexible and are designed to assemble and disassemble easily to allow for a faster reconfiguration of a space compared to traditional construction. 

Benefits of Modular Walls: 

  • More affordable to reconfigure in the future compared to traditional construction
  • Create a sense of permanence
  • Can integrate power, displays and cabling
  • Excellent acoustical qualities for focus work or collaboration
  • Surface flexibility allows the experience of a space to change by swapping out the skins and materials without tearing down the wall

Check out some of the modular wall systems we offer below!

Combining both design freedom and one of the fastest installations in the industry, Steelcase’s Everwall balances acoustics, pricing and aesthetics. Simple to relocate or reconfigure, Everwall allows spaces to transform quickly – from focus spaces to conference rooms to private offices.

Lite Scale Glazing by Steelcase is a cost-effective, butt-glazing solution that can compress construction schedules, prevent cost overruns, and guarantee a seamlessly integrated application. The low-profile trim creates a beautiful, timeless design.

Vertical Intelligent Architecture (V.I.A.) is a versatile wall system from Steelcase, engineered with acoustical seals on all frames, skins and at every junction to achieve the highest STC rating on the market. Technology, lighting and writing surfaces can be embedded for a high performing space.

The Flex and View Series from NxtWall offer exceptional value in both solid wall panel and glass systems that integrate with any design. Ideal for both new construction and renovation projects, NxtWall’s field-fit approach reduces costs, saves time and offers the ability to reconfigure any workspace as needs expand or change.

PortaFab is a modular pre-engineered system to create in plant-offices, mezzanines and environmental enclosures. With an expansive product line, PortaFab can fit with any budget, timeline and design, to efficiently expand operations.