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Operable Walls

Operable walls are on tracks, making it easy to rearrange a space on demand based on the needs and purpose of each meeting, class or event. Operable walls may include partitions, moveable glass walls, curtain walls, garage doors and accordion doors. 

Oversized rooms often stand vacant and unusable due to their size, so having the ability to adjust the size of a space can optimize real estate. These walls make it easy to divide one large conference room into two smaller huddle rooms, create multiple breakout areas within one big room, or open up the walls for larger gatherings. These walls can also be customized with graphics, finishes and writable surfaces to add personality to a space.

Benefits of Operable Walls:

  • Offer flexibility and choice on how to use a space
  • Provide acoustical benefits
  • Allow for privacy on demand
  • Can add artwork to align with and promote your brand

Check out some of the operable wall systems we offer below!

Offered in sliding and folding systems, NanaWall Glass Walls can quickly and easily open up or close off a space. Each panel is connected along a single track and folds into itself to create wide, unobstructed openings, making it a smart choice with flexibility and aesthetics in mind.

Operable walls from Moderco are robotically assembled to guarantee precise and consistent quality. These walls serve as an affordable, flexible and reliable solution for quick space division and privacy.