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Bowling Green, Ohio
8,033 square feet
4 Classrooms

Space planning

media:scape by Steelcase
Mobile media:scape by Steelcase
Verb by Steelcase
Node Seating by Steelcase
Move Seating by Steelcase

Bowling Green State University,
Olscamp Hall

New School of Thought Redefines the Classroom

Classrooms everywhere are undergoing dramatic changes meant to revitalize the teaching and learning experience. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Their “Traditions to Tomorrow” initiative is a visionary plan to reconfigure the learning space for improved outcomes.

The age-old educational model that required students to sit passively and absorb information is no longer practical. Today, active student engagement supported by dynamic and collaborative environments is the ideal. However, traditional classrooms can’t support active learning. That’s where BGSU’s renovated Olscamp Hall comes in.

Architects from Perkins Eastman created a dynamic space that serves as a prototype and living lab to fine-tune BGSU’s next-generation classrooms. It’s where Steelcase and NBS put innovative thinking to the test in a variety of spaces including classrooms, a lecture hall and collaboration areas. Chairs and worksurfaces are mobile to transition easily from lectures to discussion groups to project work. Collaborative study areas are equipped with media:scape tables that integrate furniture and technology brilliantly. Knowledge sharing is as simple as walking up and plugging in a device to connect, present and collaborate.

Attracting and engaging students is a goal all colleges and universities share. The way students have embraced the new Olscamp Hall has given BGSU frontrunner status.

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