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Detroit, MI
2.84 Acres

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Extremis Gargantua Table w/ Inumbra Umbrella
Extremis Hopper Bench
Extremis Marina Picnic
Extremis Picnik
Extremis Virus Seating (5-seat)
Forms + Surfaces Tangent Table Ensemble w/ Sunshade (4-seat)
Renson Algarve Canvas
Sun Charge Systems Solar Charging Pole

DTE Energy Circle Park

Energizing Neighborhood Connections Through Outdoor Spaces

DTE Energy wanted to transform an underutilized outdoor space at their headquarters into a neighborhood park. As a leader in designing and installing outdoor workspaces, NBS reimagined Circle Park as a vibrant, multi-purpose destination that connects the company to their wider community.

The Circle Park project is part of DTE’s “Energize Detroit” initiative. The original park was fenced off for use by DTE employees only. In planning the new outdoor space, DTE worked with city partnerships and spent time listening to the needs of residents and other businesses in the neighborhood around their headquarters. They reached out to NBS for help in creating an outdoor environment that would be welcoming and usable for both community members and employees as a place to gather, relax, talk or have lunch.

The new park includes a nice pedestrian walkway, plenty of shade, a dog park, and a mix of covered and open seating areas and tables. The NBS Construction team designed the large open space based on DTE’s goals and the feedback they received from their community, creating renderings and concepts to visualize the space. NBS Architectural Designer, Jeff Owens, shares, “With the design we were working to create a space that people actually want to occupy. That meant creating shade via the furniture and architectural structures first and foremost.” NBS partnered with Renson for top-quality outdoor structures that create a comfortable, inviting space to gather throughout the year.

Outdoor furniture, such as the Extremis Hopper® picnic bench, is sturdy, functional, and modern, giving the space a contemporary industrial vibe. A variety of picnic tables of different sizes, some with umbrellas, invite people to meet up with friends for lunch or even work outdoors. Comfortable benches line the walkway. Two Renson Algarve® pergolas provide shelter from the elements, with fixed roofs to block sun or rain.

Small details were considered, too. New trash cans and pet waste stations help keep the park clean. Furniture is anchored to the ground for safety and security. NBS even installed solar stations so people can charge their phones, further extending DTE’s renewable energy mission.

Circle Park is now a neighborhood destination, loved and used by DTE employees and community members alike. NBS is now working with DTE on the next phase of the project, which will include additional enhancements to the park’s aesthetics and amenities. The space more than fulfills DTE’s vision of enriching their local community and connecting with their neighbors.

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