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Ann Arbor, Michigan
12,500 square feet
1 floor
30 Employees

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Office of Tomorrow

An Office Opens Up to New Ideas

For more than 35 years, Humantech has counseled some of the world’s leading businesses on the role of ergonomics in workplace performance. As business improvement experts, expectations were understandably high when they turned their focus inward. That’s when the Office of Tomorrow was born.

Knowledge sharing has become the business accelerator of our era. To capitalize, Humantech implemented a restructured business model with new technology-driven solutions. Leveraging this new potential required a restructured workplace too. Their office was fairly conventional. 60” dividers separated pods of workers. Enclosed meeting rooms offered privacy but were underutilized. For an organization that delivered services face-to-face in the field, the space was functional. It became less so with their new business model. In planning the redesign, a driving principle was to “collaborate everywhere.” Now their workspace – dubbed the Office of Tomorrow – is flexible, interactive and aligns with their new modes of service delivery.

While undertaking this top-to-bottom upgrade, Humantech took advantage of our integrated range of services including planning and design, construction, painting, floorcoverings and furnishings. NBS Construction Solutions made several modifications to interior walls. Some were opened, while others were erected to bring the goal of collaboration and workplace wellbeing to life. Color choices were made with purpose. The entire space was repainted with a palette that stimulates reasoning and engagement. NBS Floorcovering Solutions developed a plan that appealed to Humantech’s business goals as well as their corporate values. Net Effect® is a modular carpet tile with a remarkable backstory. It’s made of nylon fishing nets recycled by villagers in the Philippines. The beautiful patterns and textures honor the oceans, while its reclaimed materials are environmentally responsible.

The link between the workspace and performance are now clear. Partitions were lowered to better connect colleagues and reinforce a sense of shared experience. New telepresence capabilities have collapsed the distance between client and consultant to improve communication. Mobile and non-resident workers now have a number of workspaces to choose from, as new projects or teamwork require. Adjustable height worksurfaces and monitor arms accommodate different work styles and postures. Collaboration is both incidental at “pop-up meetings” in shared spaces where co-workers cross paths, and planned for in designated areas furnished with a variety of seating and worksurfaces. There’s quiet space too. Several closed rooms provide a comfortable place for privacy or concentration. The Office of Tomorrow has delivered. According to Jim Good, president of Humantech, “There’s a new energy here because daily work styles have changed.” By focusing on engagement, ideas and knowledge can now be exchanged more freely.

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