Sound Masking

Keep It Down

As open-plan workspaces grow in popularity to increase collaboration, the added noise can impact productivity. Controlling the sound in a workspace could be the answer to creating the most productive environment possible for employees who need focus and concentration.

Research shows that sounds we understand — like speech — are most distracting. At the same time, if you don’t understand what’s being said you’re far more likely to ignore it. Adding a certain kind of sound fills in the distracting speech with a balancing “white” noise. It’s unnoticeable but effective at obscuring nearby conversations. Sound masking equipment can be deployed office-wide or used in specific zones, making it flexible for any work environment.

Understanding how and where sound travels in a particular space is the first step to deploying a sound suppression system. An NBS AV specialist can perform a site evaluation to determine the most effective sound masking system.