Sound Masking

Sometimes What You Don’t Hear is Important

As open-plan workspaces have become the norm to increase collaboration, the added noise can impact productivity. Controlling the sound in a workspace could be the answer to creating the most productive environment possible for employees who need focus and concentration.

Greater privacy can be created with the introduction of a subtle noise that goes unnoticed while at the same time obscuring nearby speech. The addition of this “white noise” is a reliable method for sound suppression. It can be effective for use in large, open spaces or even private offices where walls and ceilings are not sufficient to provide the desired level of acoustics. Sound masking equipment can be deployed office-wide or used in specific zones, making it flexible for any work environment.

Understanding how and where sound travels in a particular space is the first step to deploying a sound suppression system. An NBS AV specialist can perform a site evaluation to determine the most effective sound masking system.