Meeting Spaces

With the rise of hybrid meetings in the workplace today, meeting spaces need to be properly equipped to support both in-person and remote participants. Audiovisual solutions like conferencing tools and high-quality microphones, cameras, and speakers, allow all participants to equally contribute to the conversation. The necessary technology solutions will vary from room to room based on the user experience you want to support, and the size, layout and purpose of the space, and we can help determine what would work best for your specific situation.

Conference Rooms

We have conferencing solutions to fit a variety of meeting experiences. From BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) systems, dedicated Teams or Zoom rooms with One-Touch Join, and others, people can connect and share with ease. Our AV team can design and install a well-equipped conference room that allows for seamless video conferencing, real-time collaborating and screen sharing, and provide other interactive tools that can enhance communication and productivity, whether participants are in the room or joining remote.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms, or meeting spaces designed for small groups of 2-5 people, are becoming increasingly popular due to their intimate, yet highly collaborative feel. To optimize the value of these types of spaces, our team expertly integrates technology such as video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. Huddle rooms are perfect for facilitating brainstorming sessions and collaborative team meetings, and their smaller size allows remote meeting participants to feel more included than they might feel in a large conference room.


Incorporating the appropriate technology in auditoriums gives you the ability to host large meetings, presentations, classes and events, without losing the attention and interest of the audience. With the advanced audio and video solutions we provide, we can ensure that your auditorium allows everyone in the audience to hear and see the presentation at hand clearly. To take it one step further, we can even provide tools for video conferencing capabilities that allow remote attendees to join hybrid presentations from anywhere.