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How a Fresh Design Can Revolutionize Company Culture

Kelly Services may be a global leader in workforce solutions, but even leading companies need an occasional brand refresh. These experts in staffing and hiring knew what their next generation of new hires valued, but their old office wasn’t doing them any favors. In fact, the dated environment was impeding the workplace culture Kelly Services wanted to cultivate.

Kelly Services selected NBS to revamp all ten floors of their workspace over the next three years with a creative design that would inspire a collaborative, connected work culture. NBS partnered with TDG Architects to build an open floor plan that cut down on physical barriers, showcasing the building’s downtown views. These design changes also brought down silos between staff and management, fostering closer contact and a more egalitarian work experience.

One of Kelly Services’ goals was to accommodate more employees in the same amount of space. The new design delivers, while making the increased capacity feel effortless. Each floor boasts more shared spaces than individual spaces, and even enclosed areas feel expansive with glass walls and minimal paneling. Remote/Anywhere workers are an important part of Kelly Services’ workforce, and the new physical environment has the potential to be trend-setting in its intentional approach toward them. Space-efficient but comfortable benching stations designated for “Kelly Anywhere” remote workers to use when they are on-site make it clear that they are a valued part of the team.

A final signal of the new forward-thinking culture? Height adjustable desks for everyone.

Kelly President and CEO George Corona summed up the motivation for the changes when he spoke at a Detroit Economic Club meeting: “If you want to bring in a younger workforce, you’re going to have to have more open environments, they like to collaborate, they like to work together.”

This vibrant, open design provides a physical expression of the company culture Kelly Services is striving toward. The next generation of Kelly Services employees will feel right at home in this modern, collaborative office.

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