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Lansing, Michigan
151,000 square feet
4 floors
100 faculty

Space Planning
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Campfire by Turnstone

Lansing Community College,
Arts & Sciences Building

Making the College Experience Exceptional

When schools function as passive learning environments, the educational experience can suffer. Lansing Community College (LCC) on the other hand, is a textbook example in how to engage and inspire students. To launch their visionary Building Forward initiative LCC retained Steelcase’s Applied Research & Consulting group to conduct research and workshops. The insights gained led to an evidence-based plan for creating learning environments designed to advance critical thinking and communication skills.

Originally built when blackboards and overhead projectors were state-of-the-art, A&S had dreary brown hallways, artificially lit classrooms and isolated faculty offices. There was no place for students to gather, study or collaborate. The architectural firm, SHW Group, with collaboration from NBS, created an environment that embodies LCC’s new spirit of transformation. Today the four-story A&S building has been completely reconfigured as a dynamic learning environment. Walls were removed and windows enlarged to magnify the natural light. Classrooms and labs were modernized. Lounges and study areas were added throughout the building. Office zones were designed to support mentoring and collaboration. A&S is now a bright, welcoming environment. According to Michael Nealon, Dean of Arts & Sciences, “The renovated Arts & Sciences building is equal to or better than any in the nation for teaching science to undergraduates.”

There’s a new pride of place for LCC students because they recognize that their first-class facilities contribute to a more valuable and rewarding college experience.

To learn more about this dynamic institution and their Building Forward initiative visit them online at

This project showcases the power of NBS interior integration (architecture, furniture and technology). We believe that when these three disciplines are brought together early in the planning process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and your stress goes down – because we handle EVERYTHING.

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