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Emerging Biz
Ann Arbor, Michigan
6,000 square feet
1 Floor

Space planning

Bivi by Turnstone
Height Adjustable Worksurfaces by National
cobi Seating by Steelcase
Alight Seating by Turnstone
Campfire Personal Table by Turnstone


A User Experience That Attracts Innovative Thinkers

When it comes to recruiting knowledge workers these days, there’s plenty of competition for the best and the brightest. It’s one reason why creating just the right environment has become as important to talent acquisition as it is to creating a culture of innovation. The LLamasoft offices are an outstanding example of how to support both objectives.

Once architects from Hobbs+Black completed essential building upgrades, NBS designers developed a space plan to meet several LLamasoft goals: attract the best talent; optimize the floor space to accommodate more staff comfortably; and create an environment that nurtures collaboration between teams of coders and their colleagues.

Now, an open floor plan with innovative furnishings supports the collaborative nature of their business model. Coworkers are grouped around flexible Bivi benching systems. Teams can assemble, change or grow easily with desking that incorporates seamless power and network access. Six “phone booths” offer quiet spaces for private calls or conferences. Huddle rooms that are furnished for teamwork provide separation and space to focus. Staff wellbeing was considered too. Height-adjustable worksurfaces encourage a change of posture to help keep employees moving and healthy.

LLamasoft has programmed an attractive workspace that perfectly suits this dynamic software company. The overall look is modern, organized and casual —a true reflection of their brand and culture.

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