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Toledo, OH
12,275 sq/ft

Space planning
Architectural products

Grin Lounge Seating by National
Kozmic Seating by National
Marcelo Lounge Seating by National
Reno Tables by National
Brody WorkLounge by Steelcase
Campfire Big Lounge by Turnstone
Campfire Personal Table by Turnstone
Campfire Screen by Turnstone
Shortcut Seating by Turnstone

Owens Community College

Renovated Student Center Modernizes Campus Learning Culture

Owens Community College (OCC) prides itself on creating an academically rigorous environment that fosters a sense of community amongst its students. OCC chose The Collaborative and NBS to redesign College Hall, one of the main areas students can meet to socialize or work on assignments. Prior to NBS’s involvement, College Hall’s student lounge was technologically outdated and poorly configured for collaboration. OCC was looking to partner with a team who could take their existing space and make it more relevant for a new generation of students.

OCC recognized that company culture and employee/student culture is taking a dramatic shift that is more relaxed and less individualistic. OCC wanted to create a collaborative workspace that emulates popular trends in many modern offices. College Hall’s finished, open plan design gives students options to work the way they want. Mobile furnishings allow students to share information quicker and easier than before. Students have options to sit, lounge, or stand while they work. A nearby bistro serves as the perfect place for students to take a break. Enclosed study rooms bring students together for focused collaboration in a more private setting.

From a design perspective, NBS opted for furniture with clean, modern tones and bright pops of color. The design plays with contemporary textures and materials throughout the space visioned by The Collaborative. Glass walls create an open, airy feeling for many of the private study rooms, similar to many modern workplaces’ private offices. Finished wood throughout the design adds a sophisticated touch. Bright overhead lighting fixtures boast a modern look.

OCC also wanted to ensure the technology for their students was up-to-date. Their space features new options for students to experiment with educational technology throughout College Hall. Projectors are positioned for quick and convenient information sharing. Steelcase Thread charging hubs offer convenient access to power in the open plan for mobile devices.

By changing up the way students learn and collaborate, OCC is able to better prepare students for the culture of many modern work environments. With a clean, open floorplan and plenty of practical features, OCC’s College Hall is sure to engage students. This new emphasis on collaboration, and the flexibility for students to work and learn the way they want, empowers students to implement this culture shift throughout the campus.

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