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Lansing, Michigan
24,000 square feet
1 floor


Enea Lottus Chair by Coalesse
Universal Table Top by Steelcase
Dining Table Base by Aceray
Bob Lounge Chair by Coalesse
CG_1 Table by Coalesse
Switch Dining Chair by Coalesse
Together Bench by Coalesse
Switch Stool by Coalesse

Sparrow Hospital

The Gathering Place, a Picture of Health

Modern work environments bear little resemblance to those of 10 or 15 years ago. Consider the lunchroom. It used to be a place to eat. Now it’s a place to connect, collaborate, relax and recharge. The Gathering Place at Sparrow goes even further.

Previously, the cafeteria was a small, closed-in basement room. Today, it’s an expansive, above-ground space with a refreshing glass curtain wall. What makes it unique is that it’s not just for staff and patients. The community is invited to use this space, too. In fact, it’s become a sort of community crossroads for health, wellness, nourishment and engagement. Mary Swan, Sparrow’s interior designer explained, “Incorporating a variety of seating and finishes different from the patient care areas was important. We really wanted the Gathering Place to serve as a destination for people. Not only has our dining experience evolved, so has the way we utilize the area and interact as a community.”

This boldly reimagined cafeteria now supports a range of uses, from eating and socializing to solo work or collaboration. NBS embraced this design strategy by curating a modern mix of furnishings, colors and finishes. The seating, dining and worktables all contribute to a healthy, holistic environment. Light-filled, open spaces are inspiring and cheerful. Other enclosed areas have lower ceilings to offer a bit more privacy and quiet space. There’s also a lounge with upholstered seating, large-screen monitor and a fireplace. The space can host events or meetings, and doubles as a stage for presentations.

A sense of comfort can encourage hope and healing so context and purpose were crucial in selecting the furniture. The Gathering Place recognizes this important concept with an innovative design and welcoming ambiance. In powerful and subtle ways, the Gathering Place at Sparrow aligns the hospital’s culture and values, and lives up to it.

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