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Long Beach, CA
15,000 sq/ft
120 employees

Space Planning
Architectural Products

Custom Millwork by Primeway
Bob Lounge Chair by Coalesse
Campfire Big Lounge by Turnstone
Move Seating by Steelcase
Alight Round Ottoman by Turnstone
Post & Beam by Steelcase
Privacy Wall by Steelcase

Urban Science

The Drive to Innovate

By inventing new methodologies to mine data for their automotive clients, Urban Science has become a model for innovative thinking. So it’s no surprise they’d want to meld rigorous thinking about how workplaces work with innovative space planning. Applying those two concepts is at the core of NBS’ expertise.

To maximize productivity in open environments, new emphasis is being placed on engagement and wellbeing. We accomplished this with a more flexible, free-flowing plan, and fewer individual offices. A centralized Work Café offers a new place for working and meeting that is used throughout the day. The entire workspace was designed to give staff more control over where and how they accomplish their tasks by offering a range of work setting options.

A number of areas were designed with features that support group work. Some include media:scape furnishings with integrated technology that makes collaboration quick and intuitive. In other areas, soft seating or café-height tables offer a change in posture, which promotes movement and wellbeing. There’s even a game room with lounge seating and an Xbox for socializing and community building. According to Bradley Simon, Global Practice Director, “Every employee is completely wowed by the experience. They all think the space is insanely good.”

Transforming this California location required our complete, integrated line of services. We developed a space plan and layouts from the architect’s drawings; then we selected all the interior finishes including floorcoverings, walls, furnishings, audiovisual and specialty lighting; and finally we coordinated the logistics and installation through our dealer-partner in southern California who provided on-site management and support.

The link between the work environment and performance is clear. At Urban Science, the ideas flow as freely as the space. To learn more about the innovative business solutions offered by this international organization, visit

This project showcases the power of NBS interior integration (architecture, furniture and technology). We believe that when these three disciplines are brought together early in the planning process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and your stress goes down – because we handle EVERYTHING.

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