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Carpeting has a lot of appeal, from its design to its comfort to its outstanding performance. Our Floorcovering team is skilled in selecting and installing both modular and broadloom carpet types.

Modular Carpet

Create unique and beautiful patterns by laying individual carpet tiles or planks. It is also cost-effective and flexible because individual tiles can be replaced rather than the entire floor if wear or stains occur.

Broadloom Carpet

An excellent choice for those looking for a seamless and simple design. This wall-to-wall carpeting presents a more unified look, minimizing the occurrence of seams and ensuring the right appearance and durability for any environment.

Entryway and Walk-Off Carpets

A smart addition to any environment, they help minimize floor maintenance by preventing dirt, salt and moisture from being tracked throughout a building. Thanks to walk-off carpet, the life of the other floorcoverings throughout the building can also be extended.

Whether you prefer a fun mix of patterns or a simpler design, our team can enhance your flooring’s appearance and longevity by choosing the style of carpet that best fits your space.

Advantages of carpet include:

  • performs well under heavy use
  • offers flexibility in designing unique spaces
  • serves as a noise buffer in an open space
  • beautiful patterns and textures
  • improves indoor air quality by trapping allergens until they’re vacuumed away