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Floorcovering Services

Our mission is to understand the needs and wishes of our clients in order to develop the best solutions possible. When it comes to floorcoverings, we offer a variety of services that lay the groundwork for a beautiful and practical floor in any commercial environment.

Design, Selection and Specification

We are knowledgeable about the practicality, durability, installation and relative value of flooring materials, and can recommend the best options to meet your budget and style. Our skilled interior designers bring expertise in color, pattern and styles, and can help you visualize your choices.

Site Evaluation

To avoid surprises that could cause disruptions, delays or additional expenses, our team conducts a thorough site evaluation. By evaluating site conditions, making product recommendations, designing floor patterns, allocating resources efficiently, scheduling and anticipating any installation issues, we can ensure a successful completion of your project.

Project Management

An NBS floorcovering specialist will act as your partner at every stage of the project. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in the entire process, from purchase and installation through maintenance, to ensure your complete satisfaction. Since we work in many sectors, we understand and abide by the unique requirements of each.

Furniture Lifts

When clearing out a space isn’t an option, modular furniture lifts are the solution. This equipment lifts workstations in place so we can remove the old carpet and install the new, allowing us to return workstations to their original position without moving or disturbing electrical or communications lines.

Our Floorcovering team utilizes a software called Callidus, which helps us determine the correct quantities of products based on the design, pattern direction, seams and the most efficient use of materials. By using this software, we can also compare different materials, so that we can stay on budget early in the process. Thanks to this technology, we can eliminate any surprises and make sure you are getting the exact flooring you envisioned.