Automotive Tier 1 Client

A Safe Return to Their Space

NBS recently helped one of our major corporate clients return to their space. To aid in the safe return of employees, NBS reconfigured existing benching stations by rotating height adjustable desks 90-degrees and adding additional worksurfaces, desk screens and personal storage at each station. Shifting all the desks to face the same direction has created additional separation between team members and created more of a sense of owned space. The existing partition height between workstations and at the end of aisleways were also raised using stacking panels. NBS was able to incorporate their existing frosted glass top caps to support added privacy and separation while allowing natural light to pass through. Along heavy traffic corridors, panel heights were taken up even higher to 66” tall to shield workers.

The client had already made the investment in height-adjustable desks, ergonomic seating, and dual monitors for everyone, but wanted to create more space and privacy for their employees. These supportive work tools and attention to wellbeing are aspects that many people were missing while working from home. With some furniture reconfiguration and minor adjustments, the once wide-open office plan now functions for today’s work environment and offers employees peace of mind that their safety and wellbeing are top priority.

At NBS, we believe that your space matterNBS Return to Space Guides. And with a bit of rearranging, some new tech, and a lot more cleaning, we can get you back there.

Click HERE to download our guide of tips to help you (and your teammates) “Return to Your Space” —confidently and safely.


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