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Novi, Michigan
50,000 sq/ft
2 floors
190 employees

Space planning
Interior finishes
Architectural products
Branding and graphics

Move Chair by Steelcase
Custom Millwork by Primeway
Scoop Stool by Turnstone
Migration Height Adjustable Desk by Steelcase
Torsa Chair by SitOnIt
Privacy Wall by Steelcase


Why Environment Matters to a Changing Workforce

Recruiting and retaining the best talent has never been more competitive. So what are successful companies doing to attract the brightest minds? Hint: it’s less about free haircuts or onsite acupuncture, and more about purpose and engagement.

In planning their new North American headquarters, Autoneum envisioned a place that would energize the collaborative spirit through transparency and social interaction—qualities that young knowledge workers greatly value. How can these qualities be designed into a workplace? Together with Faudie Architecture, NBS created a solution for exactly that.

Individual workstations with height-adjustable desks are strategically placed in close proximity to a variety of shared spaces. Now both the workstation and its furnishings encourage movement and interaction. The shared spaces include a mix of small enclaves and larger, multi-purpose spaces. The smaller ones are ideal for brainstorming, meetings on the fly or maybe a quiet retreat. Larger rooms can accommodate presentations, team meetings and videoconferencing. As a whole, this is a dynamic ecosystem of technology-enabled spaces.

Then there’s the Bistro, with its garage door that signals a welcoming ambiance. These days work happens everywhere. Boundaries between home, work and personal passions are often indistinguishable, which makes the Bistro so appealing. It brings together the best features of a dining room, event space, coffee shop and meeting room—in one place that buzzes with energy. It gets better. Open the garage door to the adjacent training room and you have an expansive gathering hall that can accommodate very large groups. Since collaboration is grounded in human interaction, the Autoneum workspace brings people together in invaluable ways.

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nbs-portfolio-testimonialThe NBS team developed a presentation that included not only renderings, but videos showing simulated walkthroughs of the design proposal that were incredibly realistic. Based on these presentation materials, and the NBS team’s overall comprehension of the expressed outcome, Autoneum awarded them the contract for developing the office design and providing the furnishings for the new spaces. Often the “pitch” and the resulting actuals have some level of disconnection but, in fact, after the completion of the project I had the opportunity to review some of these original presentation materials and was astounded to see how close the finished project was to what was proposed.
— Dave Schlef, Autoneum

This project showcases the power of NBS interior integration (architecture, furniture and technology). We believe that when these three disciplines are brought together early in the planning process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and your stress goes down – because we handle EVERYTHING.

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