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Dearborn, MI
20,000 sq/ft
1 Floor

Architectural products

V.I.A. Walls by Steelcase
RoomWizard by Steelcase
SW_1 Seating by Coalesse
Montara650 Seating by Coalesse
Campfire Big Table by Turnstone
Lagunitas Personal Table by Coalesse
Slide Conference Table by Nevins

Ghafari Associates

A Wall System That Opens Up Possibilities

In business, collaboration is everything, but creating the right balance between openness and privacy can be a challenge. When Ghafari Associates needed to renovate their second-floor offices to create more private meeting spaces, they didn’t have to look far for an innovative and customized solution. Ghafari turned to their long-term partner, NBS for a unique product called Steelcase V.I.A. (Vertical Intelligent Architecture). 

A priority for Ghafari was to maintain the light feel and the overall open concept in their offices while creating private spaces. Though Ghafari wanted the look of glass, they were aware of the acoustic issues that can be problematic with that material. As a full-service firm with capabilities in architecture, engineering, and construction, Ghafari was inspired by the unique sound blocking properties of V.I.A. and sought the expertise and consultation of NBS Construction Solutions on the product.

NBS guided Ghafari on the cost, timing and installation details of the project. Even though V.I.A. is a robust product that provides a sense of permanence, it is, in fact, a demountable wall system that can be relocated or reconfigured as business needs change. It makes for a clean, quick installation and offers superior fit and finish with panel options ranging from glass, steel, fabric, veneer, and whiteboards, to integrating technology and lighting. V.I.A. also incorporates the wiring needs for integrated RoomWizard, the smart room scheduling management system by Steelcase.

In addition to developing private meeting spaces with the V.I.A. system, NBS also worked on the look and functionality of the greater second-floor area. Some areas that were drywalled received V.I.A. glass fronts or glass doors to create consistency in the experience of the space. 

A year after installation, Ghafari couldn’t be happier with the results. “The V.I.A. system managed to answer all of our acoustic needs and is one of the most talked about items in our office. And that’s because it works!” said Brittnee Shaw, interior designer for the project with Ghafari Associates. “You can host a private meeting that is truly private, or take a phone call in the phone booths without concern that those around you will hear every detail.”

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