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Lansing, MI
3 floors
175,000 sq/ft


Carolina Serony
Coalesse Enea Lottus Sled Stool
Coalesse Millbrae
Enwork Concurrence Custom Table
OFS Sleek Conference Chairs
Steelcase Embold
Steelcase Empath
Steelcase Scoop Stools
Steelcase Sync

Karmanos Cancer Institute

A State-of-the-Art Center for Patient Care and Healing     

The new Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing was built to bring state-of-the-art cancer diagnostic and treatment options to patients in Central Michigan. Patient-centered design from Pace Howe and supportive furnishings from NBS create a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to both physical and emotional healing.

The Karmanos Cancer Institute is one of the nation’s leading cancer centers, delivering world-class treatment to more than 12,000 cancer patients annually across their 16 Michigan locations. One of just 53 centers of its kind in the U.S., Karmanos is advancing the state of cancer care through new research and innovative technologies and treatments. The Lansing center is attached via a connecting walkway to the McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital, for which NBS also provided furnishings.

Patient comfort, care and privacy were the driving considerations when making design and furnishing decisions for the brand new building. Natural wood finishes and biophilic art evoke the natural world to enhance healing and patient wellbeing. Blues, greens and patterns in the furnishings and textiles complement these natural touches to create a non-sterile environment that is both calming and bright. The blue also pulls from the McLaren Health Care logo to enhance their brand.

A variety of comfortable, versatile and easy to clean  seating options were selected for patients and visitors in reception and in-between areas. All nurse stations were created using modular furniture vs. millwork allowing for flexibility and the use of medical grade electrical. The space has already been reconfigured since initial installation. For treatment areas, Steelcase Empath recliners were selected to reduce stress and the potential for injury for both patients and clinicians while increasing physical and emotional connectedness.

Healthcare team and staff have more options to collaborate now. Whether it is at the open nurse stations, conference rooms or collaboration spaces with technology and whiteboards to share, teach and learn. The bright, inviting space also improves staff morale and creates a pleasant work environment, which helps McLaren recruit and retain world-class clinicians and staff.

Providing exceptional healthcare they would expect for their own family is a guiding principle for McLaren. The Karmanos Cancer Institute’s new state of the art equipment and supportive furnishings allow them to provide the best environment for doctors, nurses and staff to work better together, share best practices and care for their patients in the best ways possible.

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