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East Lansing, MI
102,000 sq/ft
4 Floors


Hosu by Coalesse
Free Stand Personal Table by Coalesse
SW_1 Lounge Seating by Coalesse
SW_1 Conference Table by Coalesse
Media:scape Lounge by Steelcase
Enea Lottus Seating by Coalesse
Massaud Conference Seating by Coalesse
Answer Workstation by Steelcase

Michigan State University

Team Spirit Spreads with Athletic Administration Redesign

At Michigan State University, Spartan school spirit is plentiful. Their impressive athletic program is championed by student athletes and the many staff members who work hard behind the scenes. MSU wanted to create a new space where all athletic administration employees could work together under one roof. By bringing staff members physically closer, employees are able to better collaborate and foster a sense of unity.

Neumann/Smith Architecture lead the design of the space with NBS assisting on furniture selection and order placement. Team unity has been refreshed thanks to the new central location, and employees are able to better interface with their public community.

NBS partnered with Neumann/Smith, Steelcase and Coalesse to create an efficient space that works for employees with a flair of MSU’s beloved branding.  The new office structure optimizes space to comfortably accommodate employees and encourage collaboration. The design is open, with one area flowing seamlessly into another. A fresh color palate of grey and white stands out with pops of green, including MSU’s signature shade of Nike Spartan Green.

Overall, the new space inspires collaboration, and specially configured zones make it even easier. There’s a wide variety of meeting spaces, ranging from small to large group.  A centralized kitchen area allows for casual encounters. The Mudroom is a lounge space suitable for relaxation or even laid-back meetings. Employees are free to work individually or together in 1855 Athletics, the perfect space that encourages MSU team spirit.

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