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Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

The Road to Recovery Never Looked Better

At the forefront of modern healthcare, patient satisfaction is a priority. One area that’s gaining attention is the impact of the physical environment on patient outcomes and satisfaction. Nowhere is that more clear than at WellBridge.

Walk through the front doors and you feel the warmth and welcome. Architects and interior designers from JW Design created a grand lobby that flows gracefully to a number of impressive amenities including “living rooms,” a café, beauty salon and spa, and an outdoor terrace. A rich palette of colors and materials distinguishes WellBridge from typical properties in this category. According to JW’s senior interior designer Sherri Kahle, the intent was to create a “relaxing, rejuvenating, meditative” tone. Anything but institutional, the overall impression is like visiting a resort hotel.

JW Design and NBS carried this defining vision throughout with a cohesive selection of fabrics, furniture and finishes. Social areas and casual meeting spaces offer a variety of cozy upholstered seating. A thoughtful mix of tables and chairs accommodates different groups and activities in the café, dining room, lounge and meeting areas. Selections were made for their correct proportions and appropriateness to a healthcare setting, especially those in resident rooms. As a whole the design feels contemporary, comfortable and efficient.

By adapting a modern, resort-like aesthetic for its post-acute rehab and nursing facilities, WellBridge has developed a valuable therapeutic strategy. The result is a powerful statement about their commitment to care and resident satisfaction.

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