Space Matters

In a modern work world that craves innovation, NBS Commercial Interiors is at the leading edge of workplace design that engages employees and improves productivity. As a Steelcase dealer, we share in their advanced research into employee performance and wellbeing, and the effects these have on organizational success. Based on these insights the NBS team believes every environment can be better planned through a skillful integration of architectural systems, furnishings, flooring and audiovisual technology.

What do these larger trends mean for a particular sector or a single organization? At NBS we have dedicated teams with detailed knowledge of specific industries. We understand their unique requirements and how to apply the best insights to specialized situations. What’s more, our solutions incorporate a broad range of products and services that help create dynamic, engaging workplaces. It’s why we believe space matters.

NBS team members generally focus on one of these areas:

Learning From Success

One thing we’ve learned from experience is that successful organizations come in all sizes and shapes. In spite of the differences, they share similar traits: they’re creative, resilient and determined. Having this all-star team of customers has allowed us to create the kinds of workspaces that support their vision and contribute to employee productivity, collaboration and wellbeing. We’re proud of the results. To learn more about our work and see some of the interiors we’ve created, take a look at the Project Profiles on the following pages.

Not All Interiors Are Created Equally

Designing a workspace that maximizes floor space without sacrificing productivity or company culture is a workspace where awesome experiences happen. It takes insight and a thoughtful plan that integrates architectural systems, furnishings, flooring and technology. Together they create a seamless, powerful environment. That’s the NBS approach. Explore the four links below to learn more about how our integration of these primary workplace systems are producing big gains in organizational culture, staff engagement, collaboration, productivity and wellbeing.

Professional Cleaning Protects Your Assets

With NBS Commercial Cleaning services you can put the proper care of your workspace on autopilot. We offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services designed to protect your investment in floorcoverings, furniture, interior glass and windows. Regular maintenance helps guard against premature or excessive wear. As a result you’ll maximize utility and minimize cost. More importantly, a clean workspace contributes to employee health and wellbeing. Protect your investment, staff and brand image with NBS Commercial Cleaning Solutions.