January 22, 2024

Top 4 Ways to Refresh Your Space in 2024

We can probably all agree that a new year means a fresh start. From embracing healthier lifestyles to developing new hobbies, the possibilities are endless. However, these positive changes aren’t limited to our personal lives – they also extend into our careers. And what better way to enhance the work experience than with a refreshed work environment? While not every organization is ready to completely renovate their space, there are several simple, yet impactful, ways to revamp your workplace without breaking the bank.

Here are four great ideas for improving your space this year!

1. Achieve Better Sound Quality and Privacy with Acoustical Solutions

Acoustical solutions include a range of products that absorb noises to help improve sound quality, increase privacy and limit distractions in the workplace. Acoustical treatments, like panels or hanging baffles, can be added to the walls or ceilings and are available in freestanding forms as well. These products can also add style to your space, as they are customizable in color, shape, size, pattern and texture, and can even be digitally printed with logos or images to align with your brand and culture.

NBS Refresh Your Space in 2024 with Acoustics


2. Brighten Up Your Workplace with Specialty Light Fixtures

Believe it or not, something as simple as upgrading your light fixtures can truly take your space to the next level. Whether you’re mainly looking for function, aesthetic or energy savings, we can help you choose the right fixtures that will not only set the mood for your space but will serve as a “wow” factor for employees and visitors.

NBS Refresh Your Space in 2024 with Specialty Lighting


3. Elevate Your Space One Tile at A Time

Who says tile is only meant for flooring? While tile can easily jazz up what’s under your feet, it can also be added to your walls and backsplashes to create a beautiful, eye-catching backdrop. We can help you personalize the shape, size, color, texture or substrate style of the tiles to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. Even a simple white subway tile can get a modern twist with an interesting installation pattern!


4. Spice Up Dull Walls with Wallcoverings & Graphics

Have a dull, plain wall that you don’t know what to do with? Consider incorporating a fashionable wallcovering to add color and personality to your workplace. Customizable wall or window graphics are another great option for vamping up blank wall space, while promoting your organization’s values, mission and purpose.

NBS Refresh Your Space in 2024 with Wallcoverings and Branding

“There isn’t a project we work on that doesn’t include one, two, or all of these impactful design changes,” explained Jacquie Krystoff, Project Director at NBS Commercial Interiors. “Whatever the environment, I am confident we have multiple solutions, aesthetics and price points available to help recharge any space.”

While these upgrades may seem small, you’re still going to need help choosing the best options for your space and executing the project. At NBS, our skilled in-house divisions for construction, architectural systems, furniture, floorcoverings and technology, work together to enhance all aspects of a space’s interior. From minor upgrades to complete renovations, we are experts in working in occupied spaces and improving how your environment looks, feels and functions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can start helping you achieve your new year’s (workplace) resolutions in 2024!