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February 21, 2024

A Year of Spreading Positivity, High Fives and Good Vibes

Have you ever noticed how the attitudes of the people around you can affect your mood? It’s no secret that moods are contagious – optimism can lift spirits, while negativity can bring them down, which is exactly why cultivating a positive company culture is essential. A positive culture can improve morale, productivity, teamwork, and overall wellbeing, and allows people to feel more valued, supported and satisfied at work.

Knowing the year ahead will bring changes and challenges, as each new year does, it’s the perfect time to focus a little extra on spreading positivity, both in and outside the office. So, we are excited to share that our company theme for 2024 is…Positively NBS!

When everyone prioritizes positivity, we can work better together as a team, provide greater results, and have a larger impact in our communities and personal lives. By encouraging positivity in various ways throughout the year, we strive to create an enhanced experience for not only our own team members, but also for everyone we interact with on a daily basis, from our clients and vendor partners to our families and friends.

Despite the industry changes we’ve faced the last few years and the evolving opinions on whether or not the physical workplace is important, NBS still believes space matters. Places where people come together to share experiences, a common purpose and goals are crucial for business and organizational success. We remain passionate about creating inspiring environments that have a positive impact on our clients, their culture and their business outcomes.

“Having a positive mindset and attitude is key to growth, happiness and success, whether that be in our professional or personal lives,” explained Heather Lanier, Chief Operating Officer at NBS. “By celebrating positivity at work, we hope that our team members will look at tough situations from a new perspective, build stronger relationships with one another, produce even greater work for our clients, and continue to spread this positivity to others when the workday is over.”

Ways we plan to celebrate this theme in 2024:

  • Incorporate positivity on digital signage in all our locations, like sharing our favorite positive quotes, photos of our team members making a positive impact outside of the office, etc.
  • Create a Spotify playlist made up of positive, uplifting songs, submitted by our team members
  • Spread positivity to the communities where we work, live and serve, by continuing our efforts to donate our time, talent and treasure
  • Share on social media how each of our NBS divisions and teams positively impact the end result of our projects
  • Celebrate how our vendor partners and clients contribute to NBS and our success

We look forward to seeing the amazing impact that increased positivity will have on our people, work, community and home lives. We encourage you to make this year a great one by spreading positivity, high fives and good vibes right along with us!