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Seeing is Believing

As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.


Media Walls Guide

Enhance your vertical real estate to connect, share and engage. Filled with useful information, thought starters, and budget examples, our FREE media walls guide will get you started.

Not All Interiors Are Created Equally

It takes insight and a thoughtful plan to create harder working and inspiring spaces. Explore our in-house divisions below to learn how our interior integration can produce big gains in organizational culture, employee engagement, collaboration, productivity and wellbeing.

Trusted Partner

Our experienced team brings passion and expertise into designing, curating and installing the elements that bring a space to life and support the people within it. We are uniquely qualified to create a vision, budget, and schedule for interior projects. 


Rhoads & Johnson

See how NBS helped a local construction company create an edgy industrial space for a collaborative office culture.

Creating a Hybrid Culture

Regardless of how your company defines its policies, the blend of on and offline interactions means we have to think about the needs of people as they adopt a new way of working, and how the workplace and technology need to change to help them be successful.

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