Launchpad DL 1
June 5, 2024

Introducing the NBS Launchpad: Where Education Spaces Take Off!

NBS is thrilled to announce that we will be launching our first-ever education Experience Center, the Launchpad, next month in Ann Arbor, MI, centrally located between our four other NBS locations.

As the name suggests, this will be a place where educators, designers and learning enthusiasts can come together to launch innovative ideas and inspire active learning for both K-12 and higher education. Here, they will dive into cutting-edge, fully immersive educational settings that are out of this world! This dedicated education environment allows us to demonstrate the endless possibilities in learning applications and products that we currently don’t show in our other Experience Centers.  

The Launchpad’s mission? To inspire, engage and empower the next generation of learners. Through interactive tours and hands-on workshops, we aim to ignite curiosity, spark creativity, activate ideas, and cultivate a passion for learning and teaching. Visitors will experience how physical space has the power to positively impact the learning experience, by combining comfort, functionality, aesthetics and fun!  

To keep up with what’s trending in education, the space will reflect and incorporate applications like active learning, makerspaces and esports, and was designed with consideration for universal design, inclusivity and sensory design. 

Visitors of the Launchpad will embark on an exciting adventure as they explore a range of curated spaces including:  

  • Active learning classroom  
  • Cafe/Hub space 
  • Esports zone 
  • “Littles Land” for lower elementary  
  • Makerspace 
  • Private, faculty office 
  • Quiet/In-between areas  

Drawing on our interior integration expertise, each NBS division and location teamed up to bring the Launchpad to life. From space planning and designing, to selecting the finishes, furniture, technology, and architectural products, to construction and installation, our team planned for and executed every step of the process. 

In our experience, we’ve seen educators purchase classroom furniture and accessories from online sources that may seem convenient and affordable at first, but it’s as risky as cramming for an exam at the last minute, hindering the space and students from reaching their full potential. When partnering with NBS, we can uncover challenges through tailored conversations, understand the students and curriculum, and provide customized solutions based on the needs of the school, faculty and students. We want our clients to ace their decisions and feel confident in what they are buying. And what better way to achieve this than to experience products and applications firsthand by taking a field trip to the Launchpad?! 

“We believe the Launchpad will add value to the design experience in many ways, but one very specific overarching goal we have is to demonstrate the creation of amazing spaces where educators want to teach and students want to learn,” explained Charity Hogrefe, Vice President of Sales for NBS Toledo & Southeast Michigan, who headed the project. “NBS has been creating education environments for years, but now we are really focused on becoming a recognized provider of education spaces. We want to show people why they can trust us and why they should partner with us, and we believe the Launchpad is an excellent step toward achieving this.”  

Starting in July, we will be opening the space for tours, workshops, fun events, guest speakers and meetings. We hope to keep people informed and excited about what’s happening in education and prove that space has the power to transform the learning experience for everyone involved. So, buckle up, education enthusiasts…the Launchpad awaits, ready to take your ideas to infinity and beyond!  

Visit our Launchpad page to explore more and pre-book a tour. We’re excited for the space to launch soon!