InfoComm 2024 - Picture 1
July 9, 2024

Top Trends at InfoComm 2024

InfoComm is the largest professional technology exhibition and conference in the country, showcasing innovative audiovisual solutions and trends that are set to redefine the workplace. Members of our NBS Audiovisual Solutions team attended the event this year, and we’re thrilled to reveal the most captivating trends that left us buzzing with excitement!

AI is Everywhere

As you probably know by now, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking off. At InfoComm, the topic of AI was all the rage and the center of conversation for many ProAV manufacturers. They talked about how AI is impacting the workplace, while showing off super cool AI-driven product enhancements that are making hybrid meetings smoother than ever. Some of our favorites from the event include:

Logitech Sight AI camera
Biamp AI-powered noise reduction
Huddly cameras

AI-powered products

In a lively presentation by Joe Pham, CEO of Q-SYS, AI stole the spotlight. He delved into how AI is revolutionizing audio quality and context awareness, solving issues like noise reduction and event detection. Meanwhile, video AI is ramping up visibility in meetings, allowing participants to see each other and content more clearly.

“With AI, there’s great potential to improve the end-user experience in conferencing and virtual meetings in the future,” explained Zac Sepanik, GM of Audiovisual Solutions at NBS. “If a client has a conferencing space where sounds echo, camera shots are unflattering, and systems are too complicated, there’s an AI-driven solution. Our team is here to help integrate audiovisual systems and enhance our clients’ meeting experiences by taking advantage of these types of AI tools.”

Bigger and Better Displays

Display technology is racing ahead, pushing the boundaries like never before to create more effective and engaging meetings. At InfoComm, we continued to see lots of 21:9 displays, like the ultrawide interactive flat panel from Moka. In addition to increasing the display size, manufacturers are also raising the bar on visual excellence. A prime example? The Wall from Samsung, which now features microLED technology, resembling “wall tiles comprised of mass-transferred clusters of almost microscopic lights” – how electrifying!

Transparent displays are also lighting up the future of the workplace, whether you’re aiming to “wow” visitors of your space or deliver a mesmerizing message. One display that grabbed our attention was from Clear Motion Glass, the “world’s first architecturally safety-rated glass with micoLEDs.” This unique solution has the potential to transform every glass surface into a digital canvas with a transparent twist. Continuing the trend is the mind-blowing holographic transparent poster from Muxwave, a revolutionary blend of art and technology that brings fascinating holographic visuals to life.


Esports is Changing the Game

Esports, video games played in an organized and competitive environment, are on the rise, making a positive impact on participants all over the world. Manufacturers continue to develop solutions for better esports competitions and presentations, in both corporate and education settings, and we are so ready for it!

At InfoComm, we saw firsthand a glimpse of the future of esports. Many exhibitors featured their products using games to create interactive experiences that would highlight what they have to offer to the world of esports. InfoComm Esports Live returned for a second year, allowing attendees to observe live match play competitions, learn from expert presenters, and enjoy play-by-play commentary and interviews, giving InfoComm attendees the full esports experience.

We look forward to educating our clients on the future of technology, incorporating these solutions into our clients’ spaces, and monitoring how these trends continue to evolve.

At NBS, we are experts in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology solutions with architectural products and furniture, to deliver engaging spaces for our clients. Ready to transform your traditional space into a tech-driven hub for your team to thrive and be more connected than ever before? Contact us today to learn how we can get started!