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An optional CEU presentation (see info below) and tour of Schoolcraft’s Health and Science Building will be available. Hors d’oeurves, wine and beer will be available to enjoy while you explore.

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CEU: Centering Wellbeing Through Learning Space

Presenter Mary Nessler, Regional Education Leader at Steelcase, Inc.

A Health, Safety, Welfare Learning Seminar
Designers Units: 0.1 (IDCEC Designation: HSW)
Architects Units: 1 (Course Number: SC0845; AIA Designation: HSW)

There is growing concern for student and educator wellbeing and the challenges each are facing, making it difficult for each group to do their best learning and teaching. New research helps you better understand and identify ways to center wellbeing in learning spaces.

Our research suggests that a person’s wellbeing is better understood as a confluence of physical, cognitive and emotional factors. The research identifies six pillars of human wellbeing that are universally true: meaning, belonging, authenticity, mindfulness, optimism and vitality. Additionally, the dimensions of what impacts our wellbeing are intrinsically connected to our personal relationships and the people/environments around us.

Mary Nessler, SteelcaseAbout the Presenter: Based in Columbus, Ohio, Mary Nessler is the Regional Education Leader for Steelcase covering the Midwest area. Mary started her career as an Interior Designer for a large firm specializing in Education and Healthcare solutions. Her current role allows her to engage with a large portfolio of universities and to share the Steelcase research and insights across the region.

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