Wireless Wellworking CEU

How real estate and work culture can help organizations thrive.

This CEU was based on research conducted over the last 8 years in the UK and further afield during a period of massive change in working practices from fixed allocated desks to a more agile nomadic work pattern. Our Ergonomist, Kevin Butler, has been shadowing the health consequences of some of these changes in working practices with Steelcase clients and focus groups and has captured the views of occupational health, human resources, facilities and the design community. We’ve got a few academic papers published and the references for these slides can be found in ‘Mobile Generations’. As more organizations globally adopt similar working practices, by sharing lessons we’ve learned we hope this presentation and some of the tools developed can be applied to live projects to ensure more human centered design outcomes.

Kevin Butler SteelcaseKevin Butler, Certified Professional Ergonomist / Senior Wellbeing Consultant, Steelcase

Although Kevin has extensive experience as an ergonomics consultant, for the last several years he has been almost completely dedicated to the holistic topic of Wellbeing. While Kevin’s primary role at Steelcase began in understanding the meaning of workplace Wellbeing by bench-marking and best-practice-sharing, it has evolved into maximizing his knowledge and expertise as a practitioner. This is realized by assisting organizations of varying sizes in the design and implementation of their Ergonomic and Wellness program development efforts, always striving to leverage the workplace as a resource to increase both individual and organization Wellbeing.

This CEU is registered with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International DesignContinuing Education Council (IDCEC) for 1 continuing education credit


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