April 7, 2016

@40 Stories – The OFP Rap!

Shared by Cindy Davenport, Interior Designer

The very first OFP (Order Fulfillment Process) we created was presented at our company meeting as a rap!  We performed different sections of the OFP process as a rap in teams to make it more fun and memorable for everyone.  This was back in our Mount Clemens office where company meetings were held in the basement, we were a much smaller company then!

We didn’t have voice mail back then, so when someone called we would take a hand written “while you were out” memo on a pad of paper.  In general things happened slower than they do today.  Work turnaround was a lot longer and people were accepting of that, because everything we did had to be manual.  A drawing would either have to be mailed or faxed to the client, and we only had one fax machine!

Our Rochester office used to be a machine shop, it was very long and narrow.  I remember when Rich got a silver Razor scooter to ride from one end of the building to the other.  All of a sudden you would see him zoom by!