March 2, 2021

A Year of Togetherness

While living through a crisis has not been easy on anyone, it has caused people and organizations to think about our shared humanity and what we want to achieve together. The longing to physically be together again has led us to choosing togetherness as our theme for the year. We are hopeful 2021 will bring opportunities for us to reconnect to each other and our communities.

One thing we all have learned being home bound and away from our workspaces is that we miss people. We miss our co-workers, our clients and industry partners. We miss high fiving, laughing, and meeting up. We miss being inspired by each other, in person.

NBS is a family and there is nothing better than when our NBS team is together. We are looking forward to coming together again (when it is safe) to create fun and memorable experiences as peers and friends!


We are optimistic 2021 will be the year that we are once again able to:

  • Connect to our teammates, clients, friends and family (even strangers) at a restaurant, a concert or a sporting event – together!
  • Experience the world, life, work, projects, and even fun with people we have missed.
  • Be better – together! Supporting our communities, giving back with our time and our donations.


Ways we will celebrate our Together theme for the year:

Sharing Together Photos on Digital Signage:

  • memories of team members being together
  • being with our friends and family members
  • special times during the holidays


Creating a Together Playlist:

  • what’s your favorite song about being together? We will collect people’s favorites and share which songs made the list. Watch out for the NBS playlist!


In Person Events (Following Safety Guidelines)

  • come together as an NBS family this summer for a fun and informal event following our company meeting.
  • host client and industry peer events in our showrooms that are both informal and educational
  • attend and support client/industry events including golf outings, fundraisers, etc.


Serving our Communities:

  • focus our volunteer time and monetary donations on organizations who bring people together or support a collective group. Learn more about our commitment to our communities here.


We know we are not alone in our desire to be together again, and as vaccines roll out we are even more optimistic that it will happen. Here’s to 2021 being filled with heath, happiness and togetherness!