May 22, 2017

Don’t Move, Improve: Add Space Without Relocating

Shared by NBS Construction Solutions Architect, John Gabriel

Often companies find themselves in a predicament where they are expanding to the point where they are out of available space. Traditionally, their options were to either move or build an addition to their existing building. The cost of this however is very high and the time to get designed, get approved and complete all site work and construction can take close to a year.

There is another option to consider. What if you could take some of your existing space and transform it into high-tech spaces, or even offices, and do this for a fraction of the cost to build new?  Modular buildings or mezzanines are built within your existing space, and once complete can be connected to your existing office with little disruption to your current operations.  Once connected, there is no difference between the existing space and the new space, allowing people to utilize the expansion and work effectively.

Additionally, there are some very attractive advantages. Modular construction meets accelerated tax depreciation and can help a company’s bottom line. If at any time the company moves, the modular structure can be taken with them and used in the new facility.  These, on top of lower cost and quicker installation, make this concept unbeatable.

Many companies see this an effective solution to their growth requirements, and allows them to react quickly to market conditions.  Many find it is easier to move storage than it is to move the office space with its people, data lines, phone lines, furniture and the down time this activity causes.

Making your existing space work harder and smarter for you is the ultimate goal.