June 25, 2018

Education Trends At NeoCon

Shared by Christy Borowski, NBS Workplace Associate – Healthcare & Education


At NeoCon this year the biggest buzz in education was around the announcement that Steelcase was acquiring Smith System, an education focused furniture company that many have never heard of.  This fills a large gap in the Steelcase Education product offerings when it comes to the K-12 market.  The most exciting products I saw from Smith Systems were around the concept of “maker spaces”, which included workshop style tables and storage.

Another great experience was the Steelcase Education classroom featuring Verb Tables, Node Seating, the new Shortcut with Tripod Base, and PolyVision Sans boards.  Verb Active Learning Tables were a big hit with the education client we toured, they asked a lot of questions about use and specification of the units. There continues to be a focus on connectivity and interaction in the classroom environment!