March 9, 2020

Giving Thanks & Showing Gratitude

It seems now more than ever, taking a moment to give thanks and show gratitude can make a big difference in someone’s day. We are taking pause and reflecting on the amazing people and blessings in our lives. To show thanks and gratitude to our clients, vendor partners, families, friends and co-workers we are reaching further and finding ways to put good vibes into the world. We know everyone could use a little reminder to take a moment and be thankful for what they have. Let’s all try to leave the world a little nicer, kinder place where the simple act of saying thank you goes a long way.


Ways we will celebrate:
  • NBS digital signage highlighting what our team members are grateful for. These can be seen when you visit an NBS showroom and will be posted to social media.
  • In today’s digital world many have gotten away from a handwritten thank you note, we will work to bring those back with customized thank you cards and tags.
  • Monthly drawing of clients who have placed orders with NBS. Those selected will get to choose a charity of their choice and NBS will donate $100 on their behalf. These clients and charities would be highlighted monthly on social media.
  • Capture intentional acts of kindness our team members perform and write them on whiteboards throughout our showrooms.


With full schedules, stressful deadlines and personal struggles, we hope this year will allow each of us to stop what we are doing and reflect on what we are grateful for, big or small. If we all do this each day, we may find more patience for one another, more kindness to give and feel more at peace. THANK YOU for reading this message. We challenge you to give thanks to someone today and show a simple act of kindness. We look forward to taking this gratitude journey with you.